First of all, this site is all funded by private money. I don't make any money by others content. All adds in the videos is there by YouTube or by the owners of the videos.


If you see products or adds located in the design of of the site they are there because i like the products or whatever it might be and for a good reason wants to share them with the visitors of the site, even if you might don't like it.

This site is mainly made for my own pleasure and i fill it with things i like whatever it is.
The main part of the contents will be related to vehicles and motors or hobbies including thoose things.

I try to keep politics, religions and such issues out of the sites contents, because the motor hobbies shall unite not segregate peoples.

If you are the owner of any of the content here and don't want it here then contact me by my facebook channel and tell me why and i will remove it. Obs! you must be the owner of the content and explain why it shall be removed from this site for me to do so.

If you have contents you think i should add to my site you are welcome to contact me via my facebook channel. It can be whatever, as long it has something to do with the contents you allready find here.


Morgan Lindgren

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